The Elderly {2}

As is the case with so many thoughts I have lately, I can not help but consider how things are here in the US, where I live, versus the Philippines, where I wish to live. Sometimes it’s not a direct connection in my mind, but comes about after I’ve been faced with situations to deal with, and then later it becomes apparent that it will be much different in the future.

I’ve been noticing an aging issue(s) more and more recently here in America. As I drive a lot during the day because of my work, that is one of the first areas that it has become apparent, but there are many others.
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The Exotic Philippines {1}

Many Americans have a distorted perception of the Philippines. Maybe it is just that they really don’t have any perception of the Philippines, other than it is a group of islands in a tropical setting. At least so it seems to me from the people I encounter.

This isn’t really surprising to me, as I had a similar view before I had visited there. I really knew almost nothing about the country, other than there had been a relationship between us, including during World War II. History and Geography were never my strong subjects. Seems that might be true for a good number of Americans as well.
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Internot Philippines {8}

Internot Philippines

While the rest of the world has this thing called the internet, the Philippines has their very own version, which I have dubbed the Internot. Not cheap, not fast, and not at all reliable. Even when it is working it’s not robust enough to handle much of what the internet is being used for and where the net is going.

I had high hopes, and still do I suppose, that things would improve with regards to the internet in the Philippines by the time I were to retire there. Well, things have improved, at least in theory, since I’ve first started visiting there, but in many ways they really haven’t.
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The Autumn of My US Life {9}

Autumn bushes

It’s Autumn aka Fall here in Spokane. Depending upon your viewpoint we are blessed or cursed with four seasons in this part of the United States. I find good and bad in all of them.

Autumn is probably my favorite time of the year in terms of the beauty of the city. The turning of the leaves is really breathtaking. Unfortunately that means the majority of those leaves will be “falling” to the ground soon. Having three VERY large trees in my yard means many hours of raking and bagging. That is of course if I can get them up before the coming snow buries them for the winter that is ever approaching.
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Electric Home Shower {4}

Panasonic Electric Home Shower

One of the many things I have not yet adapted to in regards to my potential retirement in the Philippines is the lack of hot water in many places. For sure it isn’t nearly as necessary there as it is here. It is really more of a comfort level that I probably need to get over. The main area that the lack of hot water seems to affect me is in the shower.

Since I’ve stayed at numerous different cities, and all sorts of different kinds of accommodations, I’ve encountered both instances of hot showers and cold only showers. I still MUCH prefer the hot shower, even in the hot humid climate of the Philippines. It may be something I could probably adapt to after a period of adjustment, but during my short visits there I find myself seeking out a hot shower if I had stayed too long at a lodging that didn’t have one.
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Should You Retire on Samal Island {1}

Your choices for a retirement location are endless, money not withstanding, but living in a foreign land may not be for everyone. The Philippines, in particular, has a number of advantages over other countries for the American expat, chief among those being a large English speaking population, and comparitvely low cost of living. I feel Samal Island is an excellent choice for your retirement, if the Philippines is in fact on your list.

So what makes Samal Island such a great retirement location? Here are just a few reasons that I see:
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Living on Samal Island {40}

White House on Samal Island

A little under four years ago I made a trip to the Philippines that began a love affair with this little island off the Davao Gulf commonly known as Samal Island. It was then that I agreed to purchase land near the White House, with hopes of eventually retiring there. Thus began this blog.

Four years can be a long time. Do I still have intentions to retire on Samal?
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Color of My Dream {2}

Anahaw palm

Retirement in the Philippines. Sometimes I think I should just pack up what I can, throw it in a backpack, and head on over. Other times, it seems as though the stars would need to align, or the river to part, for me to be able to realize my dream. The closer you get, the more you keep slip sliding away, so says Paul Simon. It sure seems that way on occasion.

I’ve come to realize recently that the possibility of retiring in the Philippines is a very fragile proposition. Not only is there a good amount of time working against me, there are multitudes of potential pitfalls, some of which I’ve not even imagined yet. Others have hit me square in the face.
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