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Observations of a Retired American Living in the Philippines {83}

As of April 3, 2011, I have been living in the Philippines for five years. Knowing that tidbit of information, Randy asked me to write about something along the lines of how things are different than I expected when I first moved here. Frankly, almost everything is exactly as I expected it to be. I can’t point out any differences, even subtle ones.

I tend to write about things that come up as they come up on my own blog, Retired Kano. To do the same kind of thing here would be kind of boring. Instead, I’m going to harp on something I read at Yahoo Answers a couple of days ago along with an e-mail message I received.

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Living on Samal Island {40}

White House on Samal Island

A little under four years ago I made a trip to the Philippines that began a love affair with this little island off the Davao Gulf commonly known as Samal Island. It was then that I agreed to purchase land near the White House, with hopes of eventually retiring there. Thus began this blog.

Four years can be a long time. Do I still have intentions to retire on Samal?
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I Want Hairy Ankles {2}

No hair on ankles

I’m a hairy guy. Everywhere except my head. Pilipinos naturally are less hairy, for the most part, but even by American standards, I’m just really hairy.

Additionally, as you might surmise, I’m white. Pretty stark white when I haven’t had much sun. When compared to the locals of the Philippines I stand out quite visibly. I recall hearing the term “ivory snow” from a couple of young girls that where admiring(?) me during my first visit to the Philippines. At least that is what is sounded like between the giggles they were exchanging.
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Samal

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Samal {6}

As I wrote the title of this article it occurred to me that I could be writing about any number of things. A whole lot has happened in my life since I started this blog three years ago, as I suspect would be true with any of you reading this. Time certainly has a way with us. Not always our way, or they way we expected it to be. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that not much I’ve learned is new except possibly to me.
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