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The History of Samal Island {17}


In the early Spanish regime, during the reign of Don Jose Uyanguren of Davao City , a certain Island within the DAVAO Gulf was named “ SAMAL” in recognition to the settlers who migrated from Jolo and Basilan called the “ISLAMIC TRIBAL GROUP” or “ ISAMAL” . Most of the settlers lived along the coastal areas and only few in the hinter lands. Their daily primitive way of acquiring foods is through fishing, farming, and hunting within the vicinity.

The island was created into a municipality named as “ Municipality of Samal” and Barrio Peñaplata was the center for commercial economic and government operation. At that time , the municipal councilors of Samal found its concept of local autonomy and effective delivery of services. They therefore decided to create another municipality in order to be effective and autonomous in governance. Mayor Simplicio Obenza , Sr. made his iniative to the speedy creation of two municipalities.

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Making Money on Samal Island {7}

Bamboo hut

I expect that by the time we are able to move to Samal Island that I will be retired and we will be living mostly off my retirement income. I’ve often thought that it would be nice to move there earlier, but what I do for income? I’ve also given thought as to what I and my asawa will do, as in will I just be retired or have a small business.
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Magic Sing Karaoke {0}

Magic Sing Karaoke

Whenever we get a few filipinos together for a party we generally end up hooking up the Magic Sing, and the singing ensues long into the evening. Yes, karaoke is one of the favorite past times of filipinos. Their love of singing doesn’t dissipate once they leave the country, either. Far from it.
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