Taking Off the Rose Colored Glasses {7}

As much as I’ve been trying to put off writing this article, I guess I better get it done as the comments seem to be heading more and more in this direction. I just want to state up front that I love Samal Island, and I feel that I’ve been a very strong ambassador for the island ever since I started this blog. Since that time I’ve also learned that if you say anything negative about Samal, you had better beware because someone is going to take it very personally. I don’t wish to offend anyone with my comments here, but I feel I need to be honest, and not mislead.
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Multicab for Samal {11}

Gem EL

I saw this GEM vehicle being toted around Spokane the other day, and it reminded of the multicab that I have interest in getting for the day when we finally live on the island. I’d seen something like this before but I thought they were only golf carts. The big difference here is the GEM is electric and costs a lot more than a multicab. Too bad about the cost, it could be a viable option in the Philippines.

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