Filipino-American Christmas Party {0}

FAAIE Christmas Party

The FAAIE (Filipino-American Association of the Inland Empire) had their annual Christmas party last night. I attended for the first time in a couple of years, and observed some expected and some unexpected results.

The first observation was that the function started on time. I was late, but I expected that this was at least a mostly Filipino function, so I assumed many late arrivals. Guess I was wrong on that one. It seems it doesn’t take long to pick up some of the US customs, though I know many Americans that have trouble with the time thing, too.
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Magic Sing Karaoke {0}

Magic Sing Karaoke

Whenever we get a few filipinos together for a party we generally end up hooking up the Magic Sing, and the singing ensues long into the evening. Yes, karaoke is one of the favorite past times of filipinos. Their love of singing doesn’t dissipate once they leave the country, either. Far from it.
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