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Gaisano Mall Davao Supermarket {11}

Gaisano Mall Health

I’m sure that I’ve visited the Gaisano Mall or GMall before, though I do not remember doing so before my most recent trip. This is the larger Gaisano Mall in Bajada, not to be confused with Gaisano South City Mall on Ilustre Street. No, I’ve been mainly going to NCCC, SM Mall and of course the new Abreeza Mall. Seemed like everything you could want was available at those fine malls.

Was I ever mistaken.
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Biodegradable Bags In Davao {2}

Healthy Options

Davao has another new, progressive law. OK, it’s not so new anymore, as it was implemented last June. Still it is fairly progressive, at least in design.

I’m talking about the Ban of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam. Otherwise known as Resolution No. 08-2012, brought to you by the Davao City Ecological Solid Waste Management Board (DCESWMB).
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Making Hummus in the Vitamix Knockoff {13}

Vitamix Hummus

I ate hummus almost everyday at home in the States. If not with chips or crackers, then on some naan or pita bread. It was quite a staple of my diet, providing good protein and convenience as well.

I haven’t found a source for hummus, yet, here in Davao. I did find some hummus dip salsa at Healthy Options, and it was acceptable, but not real hummus and truly very expensive. I decided before I even moved that I would spend some of my new found free time making my own hummus.
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Natural Food Stores {6}

Healthy Options Philippines

In my limited time in the Philippines I’ve only encountered one store that I would consider a health food store or coop, as we would know it here in the US. I am of course excluding the fresh markets, which would be another great source of healthy foods.

Healthy Options is a small store located in the SM mall in Davao (they actually have 17 locations throughout the Philippines, with most around Manila) that carries items that you would see in the health food stores here. The selection is very limited and the cost is expensive, even more so than the ridiculous prices they charge here. That would make sense as I assume most of these products are imported.
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