Davao City

Davao S & R Membership Shopping Update {13}

S & R Membership Shopping Davao

I wrote an article a little while back about the new Costco styled store, S & R Membership Shopping, that we have coming soon to Davao. Well I happened by their new sales office the other day, and got to meet the new Marketing Officer and Warehouse Manager. They filled me in the the latest news and the expected opening timeline of the new warehouse membership store.

Even prior to my chance meeting with the two employees of the new store, I had noticed how the construction had really picked up speed lately. The frame of the building is now complete, and the walls are being erected. It’s quite a large building, and it appears that they might be doing some kind of underground parking, but I couldn’t be sure of that. As I mentioned before it is directly across the road from the NCCC Mall.
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The Venue Party Boat {0}

Samal Island Party Boat

I encountered an interesting sight recently while taking the ferry to and from Samal Island. Docked at the Sasa Wharf was a brightly colored boat painted with “Party Boat” on the side. Upon further examination you could see that it was run by The Venue.

The Venue has quite a reputation in and around Davao as a great place to party and meet people. I’ve never been there myself, and I’m not even sure if it is still open. Seems I heard something to that effect. Possibly this is the replacement.
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Living on Samal Island {40}

White House on Samal Island

A little under four years ago I made a trip to the Philippines that began a love affair with this little island off the Davao Gulf commonly known as Samal Island. It was then that I agreed to purchase land near the White House, with hopes of eventually retiring there. Thus began this blog.

Four years can be a long time. Do I still have intentions to retire on Samal?
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Time to Make Davao Airport Truly International {7}

Francisco Bangoy International Airport

Have you flown into Davao City from outside of the country? Did you go through Manila? Chances are very good that you did. Why? Because there are very few international flights that fly in and out of Davao Airport.

Francisco Bangoy International Airport is an “international” airport, as it’s official name states. There are a couple of flights that fly to and from Singapore, but as far as I know that is all there is at this point. When I’ve looked into trying to hook up with one of those, not only was the timing incredibly difficult to accommodate but the cost was also prohibitive.
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How To Get To The Samal Island Resorts {11}

Ferry to Samal Island route

Note: this is an article that I wrote on a sister site, but I never got that site going. Maybe I’ll get to that again in the future.

The Samal Island resorts are located on the Island Garden City of Samal, a 4th class city in Davao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. The nearest city is Davao City, the largest city in the Philippines, when calculated by area.
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Biodegradable Bags In Davao {2}

Healthy Options

Davao has another new, progressive law. OK, it’s not so new anymore, as it was implemented last June. Still it is fairly progressive, at least in design.

I’m talking about the Ban of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags and Polystyrene Foam. Otherwise known as Resolution No. 08-2012, brought to you by the Davao City Ecological Solid Waste Management Board (DCESWMB).
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