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We Don’t Want Your Business {8}

I’ve touched on this subject before, but it’s front and center in my mind again. This falls under the “adjustments” that I’ll be trying to make once I retire in the Philippines. I expect this will be one of those “adjustments” that I’ll be struggling with for awhile.

The need for services in the Philippines for myself and/or friends has come up a few times lately. The results haven’t been inspiring, to say the least.

True Cost Of Living In The Philippines {14}

Philippine Flag Flying

Many are the discussions about the cost of living in the Philippines. These often go back and forth, comparing one item or service to another, and then of course the individual situations that differ for each family. The conclusion is always the same. There is no way to compare, excepting with your own situation.

I’ve been known to attempt these comparisons myself. Trying to figure out how much it would cost me to live in the Philippines. This article tells you of my true cost of living in the Philippines after 4 months. It may not be what you were expecting.

Sounds of the Jeepney {10}

USB Amplifier Jeepney

I’m getting quite the indoctrination in jeepney riding. After almost 4 months I’m not the pro that many natives are, but I’ve picked up a few tips and have continued trying new routes. At the rate I’m going I’ll be a seasoned veteran soon, whether that’s my intention or not.

A couple of days ago I experienced one of my most troubling rides yet. Not that it was dangerous, or that the driver was reckless (though he was), this concerned the music.