S & R Opening Davao {34}

S & R Opening Davao

Every expats’ favorite subject, the S & R Membership Shopping Warehouse. Well maybe not everybody’s, but a popular topic none the less. Well today, the day we’ve all been waiting for, finally arrived. The Davao branch of this Costco style store opened it’s doors to the public.

So how was it? Was it as crazy as expected? Did they in fact have many items that couldn’t be gotten elsewhere? Was the food service area worth waiting for?
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Try Before You Own {4}

While I haven’t purchased a lot of electrical items in the Philippines, I have bought a few. I’ve also been with friends and relatives when they’ve had the opportunity to purchase some smaller appliances. It always amazes me the routine that is gone through before you leave the store with your item.

Here in the States I’ve grown accustomed to the Costco and Nordstrom style of customer service which includes virtually unlimited returns on items. In most cases you don’t even need a receipt. I believe that both Costco (especially on electronic items) and Nordstrom have tightened their policies recently due to abuse, but it is still very easy to return most things at either place. With that standard being set, a lot of other retailers have followed their lead and have favorable return policies.
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My Love/Hate Affair With GMall Supermarket {17}

GMall Davao

There are a lot of choices for buying your food in Davao. The palengkes are great for fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, etc. There are bread/pastry shops on every corner, and often in between. Even the neighborhood sari-sari/kanderias have items that can get you by. But when it comes to regular groceries I most often go to the supermarket. For the most part the supermarkets are in the malls here. There are some stand alone (Savemore, for instance), but it is not the norm.

We are lucky to have a wide variety of supermarkets to choose from. Each seeming to have it’s own specialties and pricing schemes. Unfortunately you will need to visit the different malls to visit the different supermarkets. At times I do go to each one of them, but I’ve got one that is my favorite. It is also my least favorite.
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Davao S & R Membership Shopping Update {13}

S & R Membership Shopping Davao

I wrote an article a little while back about the new Costco styled store, S & R Membership Shopping, that we have coming soon to Davao. Well I happened by their new sales office the other day, and got to meet the new Marketing Officer and Warehouse Manager. They filled me in the the latest news and the expected opening timeline of the new warehouse membership store.

Even prior to my chance meeting with the two employees of the new store, I had noticed how the construction had really picked up speed lately. The frame of the building is now complete, and the walls are being erected. It’s quite a large building, and it appears that they might be doing some kind of underground parking, but I couldn’t be sure of that. As I mentioned before it is directly across the road from the NCCC Mall.
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S & R Membership Shopping {35}

S & R Membership Shopping Davao

Davao’s got a new and exciting store coming, S & R Membership Shopping. Exactly when is unclear (I think I could use that phrase, and maybe I do, in every article I ever write about life here), but I’ve heard anywhere from November (well that’s here and isn’t going to happen), to May of next year. May looks possible, but I wouldn’t put any money down on it.

For those of you unfamiliar with S & R, just think Costco. It is modeled after that, is laid out exactly the same, and even carries many of the “Kirkland” brand products. Before you get too excited, it’s not Costco. It doesn’t have nearly the variety or the great prices, but for the Philippines it’s pretty unique.
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