Work on Samal Island {0}

Sari Sari store Philippines

One of the things I have to determine by the time I retire is whether I will continue to try to earn some extra income, or just live off the pensions that I will receive. This isn’t as cut and dry and it used to be. These days you can easily (relatively of course) earn income online and from anywhere in the world. Samal Island is about as remote as you can get, being the tropical island it is.

I have interest in earning an online income, as well as you may, also. There are a lot of resources, online of course, to get you started in that direction. I don’t plan on going into them in this article. Instead I would like to explore what work is available for an expat in such a limited region and limited job market.
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Davao Starbucks {16}

Starbuck’s is coming to Davao, like it or not. So the rumors say. They are planning four locations there, the first being in the new Alaya operated Abreeza Mall, which is due to open early this year. Depending upon your perspective, this could be a good or bad thing.

The are many local Davao coffee shops currently. A surprising amount really. I’ve been to at least four different companies, and to various locations for those companies. They all did an adequate job, and I can’t even tell you what my favorite would be. These are are few that I’ve visited and been happy with:
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