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HSBC ATM | Philippine’s Best ATM {6}

HSBC ATM machine

I’ve chronicled about my difficulties with finding a good, reliable ATM in the Philippines while visiting on my short trips. At times I’ve had such a hard time getting my money that I had worried my cards would be locked for failed attempts. In fact, that seems to have happened to me previously.

After doing a lot of research, both online and at physical locations, I’m happy to say I feel I’ve found the best option for travelers to the access their money via the ATM while visiting the Philippines.
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Lost Wallet In Cebu {8}

Lost Wallet Philippines

What are the odds of getting your wallet back if it’s lost or stolen in the Philippines? That’s one of the first thoughts that went through my head as I realized, while on a business trip in Cebu, that I had left my wallet in the taxi. Of course it would depend on the circumstances, but I figured my odds somewhere between 0-5%.

I didn’t have any information on the taxi or the driver. In my hurry to leave the hotel, I didn’t wait for them to help me either. With their help I know they notate the vehicle number and taxi company. No, I had no information other than I knew where I was picked up, dropped off and the approximate time. The term needle in a haystack comes to mind.
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Banking On Samal Island {5}

BPI Express Teller

My time on the Samal Island has been limited. There is so much more I’d like (and need) to know about it, and I really want to spend more time there exploring. Not only the sights but the towns, to see what is and is not available.

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