Why I Don’t Write More {14}

Why I Don’t Write More

My hosting plan came up for renewal and I have to admit I had to consider whether I wanted to pay $50 for another year. Not because my host (A Small Orange) isn’t good, in fact they are excellent. No, it’s because I can’t get myself motivated to write anymore.

When I analyze why I’m no longer motivated I come up with a variety of reasons.

House For Rent {2}

House For Rent

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but this is for a friend and I’d like to help him out.

He’s got a good-sized house for rent in Regina Compound, which is conveniently located beside/behind Abreeza Mall off J.P. Laurel Ave. I’ll give you as much information as I can, but if you have interest please contact him directly. It is available now!

Bankerohan Bridge Work {2}

Bankerohan Bridge Work

Those traveling across town in Davao would be wise to consider alternative routes as reconstruction of the Bankerohan Bridge (Governor Generoso Bridge II) was finally started a couple of weeks ago. I had the unfortunate experience of crossing it on the day the rehab started. Traffic was so congested that day that I got off the jeepney, just past Matina Town Square, and walked past Bankerohan to catch another jeepney. On a positive note, the walk wasn’t that difficult. Somewhat enjoyable, other than the fact the I was upset for sitting on the jeepney for about an hour to get from NCCC Mall to just past MTS.

Since the work has begun the situation varies from very congested to not really noticeable. It appears they are closing the rehabbed side completely on some days, but only partially on others.

Why Litter? {4}

Why Litter?

I remember two national campaigns that were popular when I was a kid. One was the Smokey the Bear “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” and the other was the anti littering campaign “Every Litter Bit Hurts”, among other themes from Keep America Beautiful. Possibly it was my impressionable age, but those have always stuck with me. Particularly being a litterbug. It really bothers me.

There isn’t the same feeling of guilt displayed here for littering. No, it’s common place and as far as one can tell there is no thought given it whatsoever. Trash is thrown anywhere and everywhere. That’s not to say that some of it doesn’t get cleaned up. I think in many cases here in Davao, in particular areas, they do a decent job of cleaning up the trash (basura).

Davao Scheduled Brownouts {9}

Davao Scheduled Brownouts

Brownouts are part of life here in the Philippines. Those of us that live in, or near, the bigger cities are generally spared the frequency that those in the outer areas experience them. That’s recently changed for us in the Davao area.

It seems we’ve been put on a scheduled rotation with daily brownouts. The terms brownout and blackout are used interchangeably here, and I’ve heard various opinions in regards to the terms, but what I’m going to use for now is – brownout = scheduled, blackout = unscheduled. Regardless of the term you are fond of, we’ll be without electricity, and therefore water after 30 minutes, for 1-2 hours daily. For how long? That hasn’t been stated specifically, but potentially until the next power plant comes on board.

Why are Streets Renamed? {4}

Why are Streets Renamed?

I mentioned before about the lack of addresses here in the Philippines. That can make it difficult to locate places, especially those that are on streets that cover some distance. Another factor is that many of the streets’ names change.

I notice this more in the downtown area than elsewhere, but I can think of several right off the top of my head that have changed. How recently, I’m not sure. You see both names are still commonly used, and street signs (when you can find them) seem to indicate either the new or the old. I don’t see a system. Jeepneys will also use either name on their placards and route directions.

Davao Cable Television {4}

Davao Cable Television

Late last year the contractors were stringing new cable lines across our subdivision. I wasn’t sure what it was all about as there was already Davao Light for electricity, and PLDT and Globe for phone/internet. Come to find out that SKYcable was coming into our area as well.

SKYcable provides cable internet, so we now have three hardwired options for internet. They also provide cable television. On the TV side they will compete with Cignal, which is a dish satellite offering (similar to DirectTV in the US).

iCampus {6}


Options for buying Apple products in Davao are limited. We’ve got a few stores, but stock is slim in most cases. The other problem is there’s a bit of a premium added to the price over what you’d find online or back in the U.S.

Apple has offered educational discounts as far back as I can remember. I’ve taken advantage of those in the past for family members that qualified. It’s a nice way to get a slightly better price on a new Mac or other Apple product. I was pleased to find out that you can get that discount in Davao, too, under certain circumstances.