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How much DO things cost? {11}

I read a lot of blogs and articles regarding the cost of living in the Philippines. It generally goes from it costs a lot more than one thinks, to being dirt cheap. And that’s probably true, because there are just too many variables to be able to come up with one answer.

Recently Dave Starr put up a great (IMO) article that describes in detail his expenses. This is the kind of article I can really appreciate, because it doesn’t really attempt to compare things back and forth, just give you a “real world” example that you can use as a baseline to make your own conclusions from. He breaks it down expense by expense, leaving only the disposable income to question. Actually, he even averages that for you, too.

Dave’s got a couple of great blogs going, PhilFaqs and Retired Pay World. If you haven’t been there, check them out.

IGaCoS Official Site {0}

I’ve had a link to The Official Website of the Island Garden City of Samal on my sidebar from the beginning of my blog. It has been an invaluable resource, and I don’t hesitate to admit that I’ve used it quite a bit.

I find the site to be a little bit confusing in regards to it’s organization. They have changed things around recently, but I’m not sure I find it any easier to get the information. And with that re-org there is some missing content.

That said, I think it’s worth your time to take a look around if you are interested in learning more about Samal Island. I’ll continue to use them as one of my main resources, and when doing so my hope to bring to front some things that may get buried there.

IGaCoS another Boracay? {4}

It seems every time another resort is announced or further developments are proposed on Samal Island, a comparison to Boracay is made. Depending upon which side you take, and whether this is in regards to tourism or industrial use, it can be a positive or negative comparison.

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Samal Island Retirement – Reason #1 {8}

Spokane, WA - first snow storm of the season

Spokane, WA - first snow storm of the season


2008 2nd Storm

These Dreams {0}

Last night we went to my wife’s first concert here in the States, and first one for me in a long, long time. Three big names – Cheap Trick, Heart & Journey – all long past their hay day, or so it seemed going in. The real purpose was to please my wife, who has been infatuated with Journey since she learned that they are now fronted by a Pilipino.
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Samal Island’s Other Side {9}

One of my readers was kind enough to send me some photos of a recent excursion around Samal. The interesting thing about these, at least to me, is the fact that they are of the east side of Samal Island. This is the “poor step sister” side of of Samal it seems. The west side is well know for the resorts, developments, proposed bridge, ferries, etc. Rarely does anyone mention their ventures to the “other side”.

I’m going to intermix their narrative with mine, my apologies beforehand.

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What’s a Vegetarian to do? {5}

I haven’t eaten meat for over 35 years. I’m not going to go over the reasons I quit eating meat, because that decision was made a long time ago and not necessarily relevant. I don’t really consider myself a vegetarian, but that’s easier than saying I don’t eat meat. Cheese & eggs I do.

Being a vegetarian in the US is easy. There are lots and lots of health food outlets, and even sections of most major grocery stores have these options. I’ve not experienced the same thing in the Philippines, but if you like vegetables and fruits, it’s not at all difficult to find them. Fresh and plentiful. Restaurants are another matter, though the SM North in Quezon City (among others) has a Bodhi’s that features local dishes, but completely meat free.
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Bisaya Lessons Continue {24}


It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on my attempt to learn Bisaya online. I’m happy to report that I’m still at it. I may not be moving along at the normal pace of the program, but I am still progressing.

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