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Randy C Journey to Samal

Where do local dabawenyos go when they want to get away? What is the most desired vacation location in Mindanao? Where do “well to do” filipinos build their vacation homes?

The answer to each of these questions is Samal Island, aka IGaCoS.

What makes Samal Island special? Where is the island headed developmentally? What is there to do, and what resorts does IGaCoS offer. What does IGaCoS mean anyway?

The answer to these questions, are right here on this site.

Journey to Samal was created by me, Randy Countryman, in April of 2008 shortly after my return from a trip to the Philippines. This trip was different than the rest because 1) I went to the province for the first time (a potentially risky adventure at times) and 2) we purchased land as a possible eventual retirement location. The later was the inspiration for my site.

Initially I intended to journal what we would go through to get to Samal from the time of this purchase. I soon realized that I was potentially committing to live on an island that I knew very little about. Sure I had visited it several times, but beyond that I didn’t know much. As I researched IGaCoS I decided I also wanted to build this site into a resource for the island and a chronicle of my dream of living in the Philippines.

What you’ll get here are some facts, some news, some opinion, some about me, but most of all you can learn about Samal Island and the Davao region along with me.

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