I mentioned before about the lack of addresses here in the Philippines. That can make it difficult to locate places, especially those that are on streets that cover some distance. Another factor is that many of the streets’ names change.

I notice this more in the downtown area than elsewhere, but I can think of several right off the top of my head that have changed. How recently, I’m not sure. You see both names are still commonly used, and street signs (when you can find them) seem to indicate either the new or the old. I don’t see a system. Jeepneys will also use either name on their placards and route directions.

Some that come to mind are: Claveria -> C.M. Recto, Magallanes -> Pichon, and Legaspi -> Pelayo.

Another aspect of this is that the same street changes name as it moves through the city. Matina Apalya Rd turns into Ecoland Dr, then into Quimpo Blvd, then Quezon Blvd (also know as Boulevard), then Leon Garcia St, and finally into Cabaguio Ave. I think most people just ignore most of those but it very confusing for the uninitiated.

Though I’ve only lived here a year and a half, I find that I know more of the city than many of the people I meet. It seems they go from home to school or work, and not many other places than the mall. Not true for everyone of course, but more common than I would have imagined. It’s not very helpful asking directions in most cases.

I don’t know “Why the streets are renamed in Davao.” I do wish that it was implemented in a fashion that it would be followed strictly enough to understand it though.

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