This one I understand. At least I understand the reason they exist. It’s not for cleanliness, as one might assume, it’s the creation of a job.

Moppers are everywhere. They can be incredibly frustrating at times, as they seem to hang out in the same place and can make it extremely difficult to maneuver around. Many times they don’t care. They’ve probably been in that spot for hours, and whether you need to pass isn’t a big concern to them. At least that is the impression I’m left with.

Other than frustrating, I find these moppers amusing. It’s such a contradiction that someone is paid to continuously keep the floors clean, when so many other things are bordering on filthy. CR’s (comfort rooms = restrooms) are the prime example. I’ve become accustomed to the state of the CR here in the Philippines, but for those first time visitors, you may be in for quite a shock. While it’s improved a lot since when I first set foot in the Philippines, but it is still a far cry from what you are used to.

BUT they usually have clean floors, at least right down the middle, because more often than not a mopper is cleaning that spot – over and over. Yes, you need to work your way around him to get to the urinal or stall!

I’ve never asked a mopper what they make. I figure it’s about the same as anyone working in the mall jobs here. That’s typically about P180 a day, though I’ve not figured out how that happens with the minimum wage being around P300. Regardless, it’s not very exciting work, with probably long hours, for very little pay. I do sympathize with them, though they will profess to feeling blessed to have any job at all.

So there you have it – the moppers. A part of Filipino life that isn’t going anywhere, figuratively and literally.

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