This may become a regular, or more likely irregular, feature. Shorter articles asking why things are the way they are here in the Philippines. For the most part I won’t have the answer, that’s why I’m asking. I may have gotten an answer that didn’t really ring true, or conflicting answers, but probably no answer at all.

My first entry is, “why is everything so loud in the Philippines?”

I’ll qualify by saying that when I was much younger I played in bands. Rock, blues and then jazz. I’m no stranger to loud music. On more than one occasion we/I were/was told to turn it down. I still play for my own enjoyment, and it’s not quiet though it pales in comparison to what goes on around here.

My most recent example was when I was trying to purchase an item from a local music store. I was at the store to pick up the item I had ordered. They had the music playing so loud that the saleslady standing directly in front of me could not hear what I was saying. I could not hear what I saying. I stopped and started several times, but I could not hear the words coming out of my mouth. Frustrated I walked to the front of the store where the amplifier was, and turned it WAY down. I think all six of the employees were fairly shocked, as their entertainment had been interrupted – for a customer no less.

Music is just one aspect but everything here is done at extreme volume. If there isn’t any noise, someone will feel the need to create it.

I don’t know the answer, so I ask the question, “why is everything so loud in the Philippines?”

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