Davao S & R Membership Shopping Update{13}

S & R Membership Shopping Davao

I wrote an article a little while back about the new Costco styled store, S & R Membership Shopping, that we have coming soon to Davao. Well I happened by their new sales office the other day, and got to meet the new Marketing Officer and Warehouse Manager. They filled me in the the latest news and the expected opening timeline of the new warehouse membership store.

Even prior to my chance meeting with the two employees of the new store, I had noticed how the construction had really picked up speed lately. The frame of the building is now complete, and the walls are being erected. It’s quite a large building, and it appears that they might be doing some kind of underground parking, but I couldn’t be sure of that. As I mentioned before it is directly across the road from the NCCC Mall.

The sales office is located directly across the highway from the store, on McArthur Highway. The Marketing Officer, Sheila Mae C. Lagsub, is the one that approached me as I stopped to shoot a photo of their office. She asked about my interest and as any good sales person would do, asked if I wanted to join. It seems they are already taking memberships applications, and that is one of the main reasons for the new admin/sales office. She invited me inside to chat some more.

I didn’t join at that time, as I was still interested in when the store would actually be open. They confirmed it would be May, but said an actual date had not been set yet. I felt I had plenty of time to get my membership, so I passed for the time being. I will join, there isn’t much doubt of that. The fee was also confirmed as P700 for the year, which is what has been reported previously.

I will note that I now see by the signage that they are offering a P200 check to use at S & R. They didn’t mention that to me, but that effectively brings the membership down to P500. If that is a limited time offer, then I’ll go ahead and avail of the membership sooner than later. Hey (hoy), P200 is P200.

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S & R Davao warehouseThe Warehouse Manager, Ariel C. Angni, was brought out from the back to greet me, as they learned that I had done an article on S & R previously. He couldn’t give me great detail about the products they would be carrying, as many of them change often. We discussed some of the Kirkland brand items, as well as the Tillamook ice creams and cheeses. He mentioned one of the differences than Costco would be that they have sales from time to time. It was nice to meet them both. They seemed to have a real interest in their new endeavor and customers.

If you have questions about the membership, or are ready to sign up, you can contact the Davao sales office at:

S & R Membership Shopping
Davao Branch
G/F Karpentrade Building, Km 2
Mc Arthur Highway, Matina
Davao City, Philippines

+63 (82) 285-2166