It keeps getting better and better for Apple Mac enthusiasts in the Davao region. What was once a difficult to find product line now has many stores carrying and representing their products. No, Davao doesn’t have an official Apple owned store, but they have what might be the next best thing. Davao Power Mac Center

Not quite open when I visited the Abreeza Mall in Fall of last year, I was happy to learn that they are in full swing of things now. I got to spend some time there on my recent visit, even getting an opportunity to speak with the branch manager, Ms. Badeth Palces, for a little bit. They were very protective of shooting photos, but I finally got them to allow a few shots from outside. Nothing allowed inside.

On first glance the store looks very much like a smaller Apple Store, for anyone familiar with the real thing. The signage and layout of the product is very similar. That makes sense as Power Mac Center is a recognized Apple Premium Reseller and an Apple Authorized Service Provider. The Apple Authorized Service Provider is the part that gets me excited. Davao Power Mac Center does their own servicing onsite, not sending it off to Manila, as is the case with some other retailers there.

They carry the full compliment of Apple products, sans the iPhone. I see on their website they list the iPhone, but I was told to speak to Globe about that. As I have my own iPhone 4 that AT&T will now unlock, I won’t concern myself with that for awhile. I’ll see what transpires down the road.

I was able to get a price list, and noted that the prices for the most part were a little bit more than if you order from Apple Asia online. Not a lot, but a little bit. I was surprised at that because Apple’s prices are set here. Everyone sells them for the same price, excepting small sales here and there. Overall the prices are higher than the US, but once you figure in that the VAT is already included, and I’d need to pay sales tax in the state I live, the difference is not as much as with some computer and electronics in the Philippines.

POWER MAC CENTER 2/L Abreeza, J.P. Laurel Ave. Bajada, Davao City TEL/FAX (6382) 295 3624 Operating Hours: 10:00 am to 9 pm

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