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How Labor Cost Affects What You Fix

2012 February 12

PlumbingLeak596 How Labor Cost Affects What You Fix

As I spent the weekend trying to recover from the flu, something that it seems many people in our area are dealing with, I also had the “pleasure” of trying to fix a fairly persistent leak from my shower. Normally I would put that off as long as possible, and with fighting the flu I had even more reason to. This leak would cause some damage if not taken care of, so I proceeded to battle.

And battle it I did.

It should have been a simple fix. Once I was able to locate the exact cause of the problem, and that in itself took several repair attempts, I figured I had it licked. That wasn’t the case, and one of the reasons I dread working on plumbing. All told I replaced the o-rings and/or washers 5 or 6 times. Why the last attempt worked, I can’t really say, but I’m glad it did. No more leaking down the wall and into the basement.

So, this got me to thinking about things in the Philippines, again. Would I be wanting to do this kind of frustrating work when I move there?

On one hand, I should have a lot more time to do this. Whether I would have the necessary tools is another question.

On the other hand, labor is so inexpensive there, why wouldn’t I hire someone to do this for me and let them deal with the frustration?

The answer, I think, is fairly obvious. IF I can get qualified help to do this, then by all means hire them. Whether I can find someone that will fix the problem to my satisfaction may be the challenge. In some cases I could find it more frustrating to find the help that I’m looking for, than just dealing with the problem myself.

Those that have lived there for some time have probably found those reliable helpers, and for the most part are happy to let them repair their issues. Others being the handymen that they are would never let someone fix it, if they can do it themselves (or think they can).

The cost of labor affects so many things in the Philippines. It is one reason that is so cheap to live there. It is also the reason that many companies are outsourcing their call centers, and other work, to the Philippines. But it is somewhat troubling to see the wages that people get paid in the Philippines.

By comparison, even good paying jobs pay very little even in relation to minimum wage here. Of course, it is not really comparable, as many OFWs find out when they move here and get that “high” paying job. When average wages go up, typically the cost of living will follow.

Anyway as to my repairs, I expect that I will initially try to fix those things that I think I can, and that I have the tools to do so. As I build my network of trusted handymen, I’m sure I will (gladly) pass those chores off to them.

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  1. February 12, 2012

    I guess I gave it to you. I’m still sick:-( no packing and cancelling tax returns….

  2. February 12, 2012

    Well, thanks ;-)

  3. February 12, 2012

    Maybe u got me sick!!!! I did drink your water….. After last years round of chemo, it gets harder to fight

  4. February 12, 2012

    Who knows. Not been a fun weekend regardless. Get better soon.

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