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Bisaya Lessons Paused

2012 February 19

InternetCafe596 Bisaya Lessons Paused

I had my first Bisaya lesson in quite some time yesterday evening. It really wasn’t a true lesson, as it turned out to be a discussion of what was going on in our lives, and why further lessons would need to be put on hold.

My progress has been slow the last year. I’m not sure what lesson I was on a year ago, maybe number 26 or so, but I’ve only managed to make it to lesson 30 since then. In the big scheme of things, that is not so bad, as it is half way. That is an accomplishment of sorts. If you look at how long that took me, well it isn’t so great.

I do have a plan though. I expect to take my lessons back up full time again in June. I figure that the things I’m dealing with at the moment will be mostly completed by then. Additionally, my teacher, Bebe Metillo, should have her laptop back and working by then. If not, at least a loaner that she can use. You see hers has been broken for a long time, and she has had to travel to an internet cafe just to give me my lessons. Couple that with the fact that my lessons are on her Sunday, her day of worship, and it’s been a real hardship for her to make these lessons.

Even though my official progress has been slow, I do feel that I am continuing to learn. I have correspondence that includes Bisaya, and I pick up words and phrases that I might not always get with the lessons. My trip to the Davao region last year was beneficial in that I got to hear and use Bisaya on a regular basis, too. I plan to go again this year and accomplish much of the same in regards to the language.

I’ve gone too far to quit, so my little leave of absence will be just that. As I eye my potential retirement there, I will become more and more focused on getting through these lessons. This is something I’m determined to do, though mastering the language will likely be a lifetime project.

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  1. February 19, 2012

    Hi Randy – Good luck on getting your lessons going again, I hope you are able to get back into the groove later. I also had a time when I took a break for a couple of months and it helped me get refreshed and back into the groove.

    The real tough parts of learning the language start at lesson 34, as I recall. When you get into the gi/on focus! Everything flip flops then, and it is very counter-intuitive! That’s when the fun starts, my friend!

  2. February 19, 2012

    Thanks, Bob.

    I’m pretty hopeful that we’ll be able to pick to back up on a regular basis around the June timeline. Probably need quite a bit of review, but it all helps.

    I can see looking forward that some of those lessons have an awful lot of vocabulary to learn. That’s a difficult aspect for me.

    Happy 50th. I hope you have a great one.

  3. February 19, 2012

    I am so glad to know you love staying in Samal Island. Do not worry about the local dialect, you’ll find it easy to learn when you get there ‘coz you get used to hear the local speaking everyday. Just message me regarding that language. I am willing to help. God bless.

    • February 19, 2012

      Thanks for the encouraging words, doodzmeup.

      It certainly will be easier to learn once I’m there. I’m looking forward to that.

  4. Lyn permalink
    February 20, 2012

    You are so lucky to have a teacher like Bebe Metillo. She is so kind and impressive to go in the internet to patch up your lesson. Hope her laptop would be available to make your lesson schedule more easier. Time consuming for her to go to the internet cafe but because of her concern and love to teach she is trying to cope the intervention just to make your lesson accessible.

    Being a Pilipino, so proud of you who is very much interested to learn our language. With an open mind, I am much willing to help and to share with our first language to spread out to you and to anybody out there who is interested to speak Cebuano nor Bisaya.

    Your interest will push you up to speak our language expert in the near future. Looking forward, you will become an interpreter of our language someday…

    • February 20, 2012

      Tabangan na’to ni Ms Lyn. para dali ra makat’on. Lingaw ra ba tan’awn ang foreigner magbinisaya. ^^

      • February 20, 2012

        Haha, I can not quite get this one. I think the last sentence is that it is amusing to speak Bisaya with a foreigner.

        • February 21, 2012

          hi, sir Randy, what i said was, I’m asking Miss Lyn’s permission if we could help you so you will learn our dialect fast. and the last part means, “It is so amusing to see a foreigner like you speaking Bisaya”.

          • February 22, 2012

            Thanks for the translation and help learning. Salamat kayo.

      • Lyn permalink
        February 21, 2012

        Sige doodzmeup tabangan natu si Sir Randy. Lipay kaayo ta mutabang sama niya nga interesado sa atong bisaya nga pinulungan.

    • February 20, 2012

      Salamat, Lyn.

      I do not think I will ever be versed enough to be an interpreter but that would be interesting.

      Yes, Bebe is a very good teacher and very kind.

      • Lyn permalink
        February 21, 2012

        Walay sapayan sir Randy. Looking forward in communicating Bisaya with doodzmeup. We are planning to help you in a little way.

        • February 21, 2012

          I can use all the help I can get. Daghang salamat.

          • February 21, 2012

            Pangutana lang sir randy and we will tabang you.. ^^

          • February 22, 2012

            Will ask my questions as they come up. Salamat in advance para sa inyong mga tubag.

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