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Pearl Farm Resort To Get P34 Million Renovation

2012 January 29

BalitaSaSamalIsland Pearl Farm Resort To Get P34 Million Renovation

The most famous and highest rated resort on Samal Island is set get an upgrade. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is easily the most widely known resort on Samal, at least outside of the region. It is probably the most expensive, too, but that goes with a AAA class rating.

P34 Million is no chump change, but the resort is doing well. Visitors were up about about 20% in 2011 compared to 2010.

Included in the renovations, set to be done this year, are a new aqua-leisure park. That will include the ever popular zipline (400 meter) and a wakeboard park. These are expected to be opened in February. The wakeboard will be only the second of it’s kind in the region.

Fuego Hotels, which has been running the popular resort for Anflocor, will be handing those those duties back to Anflocor according to Anflocor vice-president Vincent Floirendo.

“It’s about time, we modernized it a bit, Mindanao style.” Floirendo said. The renovation work will still hew more to the Maranao, Samal concept of the resort. He added that ever since the resort opened in 1994 the resorts remain unchanged.

There are also plans to acquire new boats, both speedboats and banca, to bring guests to and from the resort.

It’s great to see a one of the most poplar resorts on Samal Island doing well, and investing back into the business. It bodes well for the future of Samal.

via PIA News: Samal Island’s Pearl Farm Resort due for upgrading

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  1. Big Ron Maquire permalink
    January 29, 2012

    its amazing they have discovered the concept of travel by speedboat

    Filipinos are cheap! they dont want to spend on improvements for years
    look at the state of victoria plaza in Davao City as an example. They are happy to make their money but not to spend it! Even a coat of paint would do wonders to Victoria P

    • January 29, 2012

      It looks like ownership is spending quite a bit in this case.

      I would suspect it has to do with who owns things there, and as far as I can tell there is much that is owned by those that aren’t pilipino. Don’t know about Victoria Plaza ownership. Some of the other malls seem to be kept up though. SM, for instance.

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