Like most of the tourist visitors to Samal Island I usually take one of the passenger ferries from Davao to get there. I was aware of the two main ferry ports on Samal, and the existence of one further down the island near Kaputian. It wasn’t until just recently that I happened to learn there are quite a few more.

I’m always amazed at how difficult it can be for people to find the RORO wharf in Davao. I’ve had both private drivers and taxis get confused as to where it is. I’m afraid I’ve not been a big help because it seems the landmarks I use only add to the confusion. Part of this confusion comes from the fact that there is separate passenger ferry going to Barangay Villarica, Babak District, than the main RORO (Roll-On Roll-Off) that ends up in Kinawitnon, Barangay Caliclic, Babak District. They both leave Davao from Sasa Wharf, Km. 11 Sasa Public Market and Km. 10 Mae Wess Ferry Terminal respectively.

I consider the Caliclic port the main port as it carries vehicles and passengers, including the Island City Express buses that many take to and from various parts of Davao to their destinations on Samal Island. I don’t have the numbers, but as far as I know the bulk of the traffic coming and going to Samal is through this port, especially because of the number of passengers the buses hold.

Those aren’t the only ports though. I count at least six official ones, if you include Talikud.

Samal Island Ports:

  • Babak
  • Caliclic
  • Kaputian
  • Limao
  • Peñaplata
  • Sta. Cruz (Talikud)

The Philippines Ports Authority (PPO) has a great website with all the statistic, maps, diagrams and details you would want about all of the ports in the Davao region, including all the ones on the Island Garden City of Samal. For those interested in this kind of stuff it’s a great resource and well worth your while to check it out – Davao Sasa Wharf.

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