I Want Hairy Ankles{2}

No hair on ankles

I’m a hairy guy. Everywhere except my head. Pilipinos naturally are less hairy, for the most part, but even by American standards, I’m just really hairy.

Additionally, as you might surmise, I’m white. Pretty stark white when I haven’t had much sun. When compared to the locals of the Philippines I stand out quite visibly. I recall hearing the term “ivory snow” from a couple of young girls that where admiring(?) me during my first visit to the Philippines. At least that is what is sounded like between the giggles they were exchanging.

It doesn’t bother me, as I understand that not only am I a foreigner, but I look quite different than what many have seen before. In the province I was almost an 8th wonder of the world. That wore off fairly quickly though, and soon I was just a little bit unique, if not odd. Well I’ve always been odd, so that was nothing new to me either.

One spot on my body that has a lack of hair is my ankles. Not because hair doesn’t grow there, but because of wearing socks for a greater part of everyday.

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I’ve been working non-stop, save a vacation here and there, for over 35 years now. Every morning I get up eat, shower, shave, and put on my work clothes before I go “punch the clock” (in reality I’ve almost never had to do that). Where I’ve worked, that includes the obligatory shoes and socks. Over the many years of doing this my ankles have worn almost entirely bare of hair. Combine that with my very white (puti kaayo) skin, and sunglasses are recommended for viewing.

I got to thinking about this, and wondered if this ankle hair would grow back after all this time, once I was finally able to retire in the Philippines. I have no plans to be wearing socks, except on the few occasions that require a more formal attire. For the most part I’ll be dressing like most there – t-shirt, shorts and sandals (tsinélas).

Let me be clear, I don’t really care if my ankles are hairy or not. Actually it would be much more comfortable, in the heat and humidity, if I had a lot less hair in general. No, this is symbolic for me. If I can grow that ankle hair back I’ll feel that I’ve really retired, and I’ll be living on Pilipino time.