The largest store on Samal Island has to be the Central Warehouse Club in Penaplata. If you are familiar with the Central Warehouse stores, then you know they are a one stop shopping experience.

They have the department style store, a complete grocery, and an area with the full compliment of household appliances. This particular outlet also had an interesting selection of motorcycles, new and used, in the common area of the warehouse. The whole warehouse is pretty large, and it didn’t seem like a large portion of the space was being utilized.

There is also a smaller Central Warehouse in Babak that is a convenience store. I didn’t visit this particular location, but from the street it looked like your standard fare for that kind of thing. There is also a small convenience store locate in the Phoenix Gas Station, directly off the ferry in Kinawitnon. Those are probably the biggest stores of their kind on the island, with lots of other bakeries, sari-sari store, etc. thrown in for good measure. There are also a lot of specialty stores, such as hardware stores, of which I saw at least three.

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Of course you could always head to Davao to find just about anything you would possibly desire. With the numerous malls, and markets, such as the Bankerohan Public Market, you would be hard pressed not to find what you are looking for there. But if you are living on Samal Island, you may not wish to make that trip too often, especially if you are living in one of the more remote areas. That’s why it’s nice to have a Central Warehouse Club on the island.

I wouldn’t have classified the warehouse as busy when I was there. There was no way for me to determine whether that was normal, or just a function of the time of day and week that I visited. None the less, it’s nice to have this option available on the island at this point in time.