PRA to Speed Up Davao Retirement MOA{7}

This references an article I saved late last year but never got around to posting about. It deals with the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to establish the Davao region as a retirement haven. Though the original article from Mindanao Times is no longer available online, the gist of it was that the PRA (Philippines Retirement Authority) wants to put the MOA on a fast track.

The two points mentioned in the article that were specific to Samal Island, and therefore most important to me, were the lack of adequate medical facilities (a theme I’ve discussed before) and the need for completion of the infamous Samal-Davao bridge, which also relates to the access to medical facilities.

But he ( Jaime B. Llames, officer in charge of the PRA Davao Satellite Office) said Samal poses several problems including the lack of proximity to a medical facility, which is one of the criteria of investors along with transportation and recreation facilities.

“Samal lacks the transportation and health care needs which are substantial for retirees living in a particular retirement village but we are asking the city government to provide us a hospital or a clinic and a bridge for easier transportation ,” he added.

Personally I don’t really understand what a MOA does to help with enticing foreign retirees. Possibly it puts more focus on the subject? Davao already has a lot to offer, but if they really want to get more foreign retirees, I think the land/home ownership laws are going to have to be revised. Even allowing a smaller lot, say up to 1000 square meters, would be a be step in the right direction IMO.

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The issue of foreign ownership encompasses much more than just the Davao region, but it may be time for Davao to push for the change in the law if they are serious about being a retirement haven.


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