Paradise Island Resort{8}

Paradise Island Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is a linchpin of Samal Island Resorts. Long known for its white sandy beaches and brilliant blue waters, it has grown into a full fledged entertainment destination. Located in Calilic, Babak, Paradise Island is just a short boat or ferry ride from Davao to the resort park.

There are several ways to get to the resort – via the Samal-Davao RORO ferry to Babak, from the Waterfront Insular Hotel dock, or the best way IMO, one of the ten boats that the resort runs continually from the Davao Paradise Island dock.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort, a secluded place along the famous Davao Gulf, offers a bundle of unique experiences from the boat ride to the shores of the island. As you cruise across the gulf, be amazed by a great panoramic view of Davao City and Mount Apo as its background to your right and the best side of Samal Island ahead which shows the white sand and azure blue waters on a sunny day. Be lulled by the sound of the soft waves at the same time feel the sea breeze in your face.

There is much one can do at Paradise Island other than than relaxing on the beach.

Water Sports include:

Ocean Kayaks
Paddle Boards
Pedal Boats
Aqua Bikes

Recreational Games include:

Billiards (5 tables)
Ping – Pong (3 tables)
Air Hockey
Beach Volleyball

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Amenities iclude:

Ice cream
Business center
Children’s playground and park

The beach park started out as a day trip facility only. Currently there are 75 rooms available with various options between them for your overnight stay. You are also welcome to stay on the beach overnight for a small fee.

Current Room Rates as of January 2010:

PREMIER PhP 3,000.00
DELUXE PhP 2,700.00
STANDARD PhP 2,100.00
Day Tour PhP 100.00
Beach Overnight PhP 250.00
Extra Bed PhP 550.00
Boat Ride (O/W) PhP 15.00/person

I would heartily recommend taking a day trip to the Paradise Island Resort and see for yourself the kind of island entertainment that can be experienced there. If you are of like mind with millions of pilipinas, you will be back again.