Manny and Jinky Pacquiao Visit Samal Island{1}

Manny Pacquiao, and his family, recently celebrated his wife’s (Jinky) birthday at Samal Island. Their resort of choice was none other than Paradise Island Beach Resort. This was a bit surprising to me, as I always thought that Pearl Farm Beach Resort was considered the elite island resort of Samal. Paradise Island Beach Resort, though always very popular locally, was more for the general public from my understanding. Maybe Manny is a down to earth kind a guy?

Manny was also resting up for his upcoming boxing match with Joshua Clottey on March 13th. As most of you know, this is a consolation fight the one that we all really wanted to see, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Whether that one will ever happen remains to be seen. Manny has since gone back to Los Angeles, California USA to continuing his training at the Wild Card gym for his upcoming fight with Clottey.

While at Paradise Island Beach Resort, Manny availed of various aqua facilities provided by Wind and Wave Davao. Jet-skiing and scuba diving were among those activities that he enjoyed. The group also appreciated the services and the seafood provided by the resort.

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It’s great to see that Samal Island is still a favorite of such a famous and worldly guy like Manny Pacquiao. I hope the publicity of his visit there brings continued success to the island and the resort. I wonder if he visited the White House and my land?

Photo by Chris Farina / Top Rank