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Magic Sing Karaoke

Whenever we get a few filipinos together for a party we generally end up hooking up the Magic Sing, and the singing ensues long into the evening. Yes, karaoke is one of the favorite past times of filipinos. Their love of singing doesn’t dissipate once they leave the country, either. Far from it.

In my visits to the Philippines we’ve often done our singing at karaoke bars or restaurants. You could do the same thing here in the States, but from those I know it’s not nearly as popular. I see karaoke bars here and there, and some of them do a little business, but it’s definitely not the thing to do for the vast majority of people.

Our instrument of choice is the Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone. It was one of the first presents I got for my asawa after she arrived here. It was a Christmas present for us and it was enjoyed by the whole family that holiday. Many family members were hesitant to partake at first, as I’m sure you’ve all seen before, but once started you couldn’t get them to stop.

Magic Sing has a number of different models and systems for you to choose from. Ours has a main microphone and a wireless microphone, so you can sing duets. This is especially good for the shy types to get started with. The model we got was the ED-9000. Models are always changing and ours has probably been improved open since. The unit plugs into your stereo and/or television. You follow along with the words on your TV and if you have a decent stereo system the sound is quite good.

Magic Sing Words

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The Magic Sing comes with a boat load if songs built in, ours has 2058. One nice thing about the Magic Sing is the ability to add more songs through Song Chips. There are all sorts of song chips set available, but we’ve only bought one, “Tagalog Favorites”. The system includes a song booklet to help you choose your favorite tunes. Invariably that will be being researched while others are still singing.

Magic Sing Song Book

There is also some kind of rating system, so after each song you can see your score – up to 100. I haven’t figured out how the rating system works, or even if it really does. I did notice that when duets where being song, especially with harmony, that the scores tended to be quite high. Really though, I think it’s pretty random but I could be wrong.

I’m sure this is one thing we’ll be bring with us when we come to Samal Island. I even checked the adapter and it’s 100-240v. Good to go. My neighbors won’t need to worry though, we don’t stay up late ;-)