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Samal Island Sports an Adventure Island

2009 November 6
by Randy C

Kayaking580 Samal Island Sports an Adventure Island

Adventure sports seem to be one of the more popular reasons for people to visit Samal Island currently. The on again, off again zipline has always been one of the most searched for items at my site. Wind and Wave Davao have taken the adventure sporting to the max at the Dayang Beach Resort on Talikud Island and offer virtually any adventure activity you would desire.

I know my desire when retiring on Samal is to relax but for those of you looking for some more excitement – check it out and let us know what you think.

WIND and Wave Davao, the biggest aqua sports provider in Mindanao, launched its very own Adventure Island at the Island Garden City of Samal last Sunday, October 18.

“The Adventure Island, which is located at the Dayang Beach Resort in Talikud Island, is a one-stop adventure destination,”  according to operations manager Neil “Toying” Agdumeng.

It has the first All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Tour with five vehicles available. Guests for the weekend enjoyed an island and inland tour, cave tour, coral tour, kayak tour, island trekking, wakeboarding, snorkeling, banana boat ride, jet ski, water ski, speedboat, kayaking, rappelling, windsurfing, aqua bike, spelunking, sunset cruise, sports fishing, kite boarding, bird watching, beach volleyball, and mountain biking all in one paradise-like setting at Dayang Beach Resort.

For picnic goers,  Adventure Island has eight cottages and a camping area which can accommodate at least 100 tents.

Adventure Island can easily be reached in  45 minutes aboard a motorized passenger boat from the Sta. Ana Wharf.

Department of Tourism Region 11 Director Sonia Garcia, Bugsay Dabaw president Jhune Bacus, Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao (MFSM) vice-president Ayee Guevarra and some members of the media were invited to attend the fun-filled Saturday event which was also its inaugurl blast-off..

WAWD president Dr. Bobot Pinggoy, vice-president Dr. Jeff Ramos, corporate secretary Gerald Catapia and vice-president for operations Danny Nedamo warmly welcomed everyone at the beach party.

via A day at Adventure Land | Mindanao Times.

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