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Playa Azalea Update

2008 November 14
by Randy

Playa1 Playa Azalea UpdateJust a short note regarding Playa Azalea. The latest article in the Sun•Star regarding the resort/subdivision rehashes much of what has been written previously.

The most noteworthy new items were that they have opened for sale 250 hillside units, in two clusters. Of those 112 have already been sold. The project is composed of four clusters, 3 hillside and 1 beach side. The beach side will have the hotel and garden villas.

They must be getting fairly aggressive with their sales force. I’ve been contacted at least a few times about the the lots available. Evidently they haven’t bothered to read the write ups I’ve done about Playa Azalea, based off the sales pitch I’ve been given. I do find humor in being called “Mr. Spokane”, though.

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  1. Mindanao_Bob permalink
    November 14, 2008

    The lots that have been offered for sale (half sold already) are right down below our place, Randy. This should be good for our land values!

    • Beverly Pamilar permalink
      January 18, 2011

      Hi there,

      Just came across your blog. I have recently purchased a lot at Playa Azalea. I’m a foreign buyer with a view to build a holiday house/retirement in the future (although retirement for me is a long way away. Are you guys local buyers or foreing buyers?


      • January 19, 2011

        Hi Bev – I am a foreigner with a filipino wife. I cannot personally own the land on Samal. There are some condos being built that I could own, but that is not exciting to me.

        Good luck with your purchase and eventual home in Playa Azalea. Did you visit there before you bought?

  2. Randy C permalink
    November 14, 2008

    Hi Bob – thanks for verifying that. I had found a map showing the location of those lots, and that’s exactly what it appeared to be but I couldn’t be sure. I decided not to link to that, because it is on a realtor’s site and I’m not familiar with them.

    I will say based off the prices that they had listed for those lots that our land value has indeed risen. Quite a bit it appears!!! You aren’t selling are you ;-)

  3. macky permalink
    November 16, 2008

    haha, mr. spokane. good one to start my day.

  4. Randy C permalink
    November 16, 2008

    Hi Macky – I’m kind of liking the title. Might have to roll with that for awhile :-)

  5. oscar d. tabije permalink
    September 17, 2009

    hi, you may have friends or relatives who would like to know about the details of the Playa Azalea project. you may contact me, Oscar D. Tabije. I am a Sales Manager of the company.

    hope for inquiries.. thanks…

    Admin edit – I’ve removed the phone numbers and email from this comment. If a reader wants to follow up with Oscar, please contact me via the contact form with your information and I will forward it. Thanks for your understanding.

  6. Giorgio permalink
    January 15, 2012

    I am a lot owner of playa azalea.There’s a lot of construction happened and some of it still on going.As what I know near to the beach land owner allow to build their house and also this year or next year Hillside Cluster 1 also allow to build their house.The guard house from hillside already finish.My agent mentioned to all drainage is nearly finish. The road from ferry to the place not rough road anymore.The infinity pool and other facilities are already been used by the land owner and guest.I enjoyed last year with my family using the facilities and worth it.I didn’t go anymore to other beaches because I got my own where I live soon.

    • January 15, 2012

      Thanks for the update, Giorgio.

      Good to know that the road isn’t rough anymore. Last time I went there it was very rough, but it has been awhile now.

      I will check it out on my next trip. Should be some housing being built then, it sounds like.

      Congratulations on such a great location.

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