I found this article on PIA regarding the establishment in Davao of a satellite office of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). They feel that the retiree population is expected to continue to rise primarily due to the SRRV (Special Resident’s Retiree’s Visa). This includes not only retirees from the United States, but also those from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan and Europe.

“The goal of making the Philippines a retirement destination has taken off,” said Aglipay, “The challenge is to build and create socio-economic and technology infrastructure that proactively responds to retiree needs thru our partnership with industry stakeholders.”

The Special Resident’s Retiree’s Visa has been promoted as an alternative to the other visas, such as the 13a Permanent Resident Visa and the Balikbayan Visa, for longer term solutions to staying in the Philippines. The SRRV does have investment requirements that change based on your criteria, so it is best that one look into all the stipulations first, if you feel you may be interested in applying for this type of permanent visa. One of the benefits of this visa, as I understand it, is that you are not required to be married to a Philippine citizen, as is the case with the 13a Permanent Resident Visa and the Balikbayan Visa.

In addition to Davao, the PRA has previously established satellite offices in Clark, Subic and Baguio.

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I am not really sure what it all means, but if they are serious about attracting more retirees don’t you think allowing foreign ownership of land would be the first order of business? I won’t hold my breath waiting on that, though.

The Davao satellite office of the Philippine Retirement Authority agency can be contacted for more information at:

PRA office: (632) 848-1412; fax numbers (632) 848-7106 and (632) 848-1420.

Interested parties can also send an email via email address: inquiry@pra.gov.ph or visit the website at www.pra.gov.ph