Does the Island Garden City of Samal have the best beach resorts in the Philippines? Well maybe not by most accounts, but Samal Island sure has a lot to choose from. With the new developments coming in (Holiday Oceanview Samal & Playa Azalea), and the potential bridge, it may not be long before IGaCoS is ranked up there with the best.

Some of the more popular current Island Garden City of Samal beach resorts are:

Fernandez Beach Resort

Costa Marina Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Balibali Beach Resort

Punta del Sol

HOF Gorei Beach Resort

Isla Reta

Blue Waters Beach Resort

Chemas by the Sea

Island Buenavista

Paradise Island

There are quite a few others, 26 by my count. A list is provided in my sidebar – check it out.

Everyone has their own favorite. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is probably the best known, and certainly one of the nicest/most expensive. Paradise Island Beach is a favorite of many of the locals. Chemas by the Sea and Blue Waters Beach Resort are the two closest to our property, and we plan to check them out on our next trip. With Island Buenavista you can get the whole island to yourself, and friends, for a day or overnight stay.

Been to another and have a different favorite than those mentioned? We’d love to hear about it.

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