Cebu Pacific Davao Hub

2008 May 9
by Randy C

masthead ceb top Cebu Pacific Davao Hub

Starting May 8th, 2008, Cebu Pacific has launched their third hub, in Davao, and begun direct flights to Hong Kong, Singapore & Iloilo. I’m hopeful that this play out in the long term so that I can eventually fly directly into Davao, bypassing Manila completely. That would require partnerships with other airlines, if I want the luggage to be checked through. I’m still trying to find a list of airlines that Cebu Pacific has agreements with.

Whether I’ll be able to do this remains to be seen, but I view this as a positive first step, regardless. The flights are limited to a few days a week at this point, but if Cebu Pacific is successful with this, and so far they are almost completely booked, then I would guess that they would be expanded and Philippines Air might not be too far behind.

Now if only Cebu Pacific could get their online reservation system to work with my credit cards.

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  1. davao permalink
    May 13, 2008

    Hmmm… I’m not so sure, but maybe their system doesn’t allow credit card purchases made outside the Philippines? But that wouldn’t make sense, would it?

    I’ll ask my travel-agent friend about this.

  2. Randy C permalink
    May 14, 2008

    Hi Davao – that would be great if you could have your travel agent friend look into it.

    I tried three different cards and they were all rejected right away with a message to try a different card. If I remember correctly, there was a pull down menu to choose the country of the card. There was no indication that they wouldn’t take foreign cards. I checked with my banks and the problem wasn’t on their end.

    I eventually got my reservation by calling them and using one of the same cards that I was trying to use online. It took several days and I had to call back to get my e-ticket.

    BTW I had a similar problem with PAL. So the issue seems to be larger than just Cebu. I noticed that Cebu has changed their reservation system within the last month or so (after my trip), so maybe that will help?

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