Why Samal Island? Part 2{0}

As I’m sure anyone that’s been there will attest, Samal Island is beautiful. The beaches, the ocean, the view, the wildlife – it is a tropical paradise. Well, they say there really isn’t such a thing, but Samal Island certainly does a nice impersonation of one.

The island boasts of many beautiful resorts, both for tourists and locals. I count 37 by this Samal Island Resort list, but that could be outdated by now (updated to be recent). The most famous of these is probably Pearl Farm Beach Resort, while another local favorite is Paradise Island Beach Resort. There are probably many personal favorites among the group, but I plan on trying Chemas Garden Resort on my next trip, due the recommendation my neighbor to be, Feyma. I believe Chemas is the closet resort to my land, so it could prove to very useful to us until we have a place built.


The close proximity of Samal Island to Davao City, while still maintaining it’s exclusion was very enticing to me. There’s a lot of investment currently involving foreigners, which indicates to me the likelihood of continued development of the area. The local government seems committed to improvements that will help promote the island through continued growth and development. While I’m excited about the potential, I do hope that it doesn’t grow too fast.

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Samal Island also seems to be somewhat protected from major tropical storms. The weather is hot and humid, like most of the Philippines. It cools down nicely at night, though I’m told. A quick dip in the water is just a short distance away for those times when it becomes too much.

As you can see, I’m really excited about the prospect of living on the island. I’m sure there are plenty of downsides, and pitfalls to overcome. It certainly may not appeal to everyone but we look forward to the day that we can call it home.