At some point we’re going to get started on a house for our land. At least that’s the plan.

We did a lot of traveling during our visit this year and I started to pay attention to the roofing materials being used, after I realized that we would be buying some land. By far the most common material was the corrugated metal roof (galvanized iron, I think), usually unpainted. The nicer homes used painted or enameled roofing materials and the really nice ones had what appeared to be tile.

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The thing that I noticed is that the nicer the house/roofing, the darker the roofing color was – generally. This seems to me to be counter productive. It appears that the unpainted corrugated roofs (before they rust) have great reflection, and therefor should help keep the house cooler. What I don’t understand is why the more expensive materials are not white or at least very light in color. Having lived in Tucson, Arizona I know that a great percentage of the cars there are white, due to them staying cooler because of the sun’s reflection. I was reminded of this yesterday during a seminar I went to on sustainability for the printing industry. One of the steps a company took in implementing their “Going Green” strategy was to paint their large manufacturing plant’s roof white. I believe they stated they had a 15% savings on this strategy alone.

With electricity being expensive there (and everywhere), and only going to get worse, I would think we would want to take advantage of any savings we could. Am I missing something here?